European Solidarity Corp


Are you between 18 and 30 years old and looking for an opportunity to help our community in Ireland?​

You could do this with funding and support from the European Solidarity Corps, which helps young people take part in projects that benefit communities, either abroad or in their own country. ​

These projects offer an inspiring and empowering experience, as well as the chance to bring change while developing your skills and competences. 

ESC Volunteers - 2022


Giorgia Mazzara

"Never is too late to empower yourself"

About me

I am Giorgia Mazzara from Italy, I am working as a youth worker for Love & Care for People. I am an open-minded person who is motivated to accept challenges and take the risks.  I am keen on working with youth from different backgrounds to create a light-hearted atmosphere and to support them through inclusive and supportive activities in the local communities.


My main role is to lead YouthClub on Saturday with other ESC volunteers.  

My specific tasks:
  • To promote educational international awareness.
  • To promote the importance of non-formal and informal education.
  • Sport activities (dance and drama).
  • To support developing activities using games and storytelling.
  • To participate and help in daily office work.
  • Promote the importance of Erasmus+ projects.


I expect to gain the maximum number of skills that are valuable for my future profession and the full potential to grow and become more aware of myself professionally and interpersonally.
ESc volunteer

Giovanni Paris

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

About me

I am Giovanni Paris, 31 years old and I was born in Chile. I am a very responsible professional with great motivation to live different work experiences. I am a sociable, empathetic, and proactive person with a great vocation for assistance. Thanks to my studies (Physical therapy and Psychology) and my intercultural experiences in Chile, Italy, and Spain I feel prepared to work efficiently with the youngsters of LCP. I like challenges and I feel the need to keep learning from new experiences.


My main role is going to be a Youth leader in the Youth Club for youngsters aged 10 and above.

My specific tasks:
  • Promote the importance of non-formal and informal education.
  • Talk about discrimination,  impact, and how we can make our communities more welcoming.
  • Disseminate the European opportunities amongst young people, spreading information through meetings at a local level and within the organisation.
  • Provide and educate about Erasmus projects.
  • Participate and help in daily office work including online work.


I hope to continue learning and developing skills related to Youth Work. In the future I would like to work with young people by linkening my studies in Physical Therapy and Psychology. 
ESC volunteer

Ece Aksoy

"Victory belongs to those who can say, 'Victory is mine.' Success is for those who start with 'I will succeed' and finally say 'I have succeeded`"

About me

Hello Everyone! My name is Ece Aksoy. I´m from Turkey. I'm 21 years old. I`m studying English Language and Literature. Now, I`m a youthworker at Love and Care for People.


My main role is working on "Women Achievers".

My specific tasks:
  • My role is to learn to lead projects and how I can assist and run them. 
  • Approaching Young People who have fewer opportunities and backgrounds.
  • Working in an office space to gain professional background for a lifetime opportunity.


Gathering memories and talents that I will never forget for the rest of my life by adding a unique experience to myself.
ESC volunteer

Gulbahar Ok

"You can do anything, Just get up and do it"

About me

My name is Gülbahar OK, I am 26 years old. I have been in Ireland for almost 1 year. Now I am working as a youth worker at Love and Care for People organization. I graduated from Kahramanmaraş University with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. After doing my internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I came to Ireland to complete my language training. I speak Turkish, Kurdish, and intermediate French and English. My hobbies include hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and camping.  I love challenges and live different experiences.


My main role is being a Youth Worker for LCP.

My specific tasks:
  • To organize the folder for the finance department.
  • To participate and help in daily office work.
  • I am a Youth leader in the Youth Club for youngsters aged 10 and above.
  • To create some posters for Love and Care for People.


My expectation for this experience with LCP is to develop an active social network that involved young migrants. Also, I want to increase my knowledge, experience, and office skills related to Youth Work. 


Interested in becoming a mentor?


  • Generate a positive, personal and proactive relationship with the ESC volunteer. ​

  • Help the ESC volunteer to develop life skills (solving problems, money management, social skills).​

  • Assist the ESC volunteer in additional contexts (awareness of community, educational, and economic resources in Ireland)​.

  • Increase the ESC volunteer's ability to be in contact with people from multicultural backgrounds in Ireland. 

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