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Our Founders

"Inspiring Young Minds"

Ado Mazombe

Ado is an International Motivational Speaker from Canada and co. Founder of Love and Care for People and YouthsRule. 

He also funded Angel Investors an initiative to empower youth people across Africa to reach financial freedom. Dr. Ado Mazombe is passionate about youth and women empowerment.

Ini Usanga

Ini is a Peace Commissioner, certified by the Department of Justice. She has been a member of Cork County PPN, and the board of the African Centres. 

She has supported over 500 young people go migrant heritage in Ireland, encouraging them to stay in school, further their education, and keep out of street/gang violence.

Our Team

International Youth Workers supports our work
Giovanni Paris
Manager Volunteer
Giorgia Mazzara
Graphic Designer Volunteer
Gulbahar Ok
Networking Volunteer
Ece Aksoy
Outreach Volunteer

Our Team

International Youth Workers supports our work
Queen Ogumefu
YouthsRule Leader
Pressilia Gengasamy
LCP Intern

Our Supporters

Thank you 


"Enriching  Lives"
"I am so happy of being a Volunteer for LCP, Thank you so much for this opportunity"
ESC Volunteer
– Gulbahar Ok
"I am looking forward to participating in a Youth Work Training”
ESC Volunteer 
– Giorgia Mazzara
"This is a unique opportunity to develop my professional skills in an office environment”
ESC Volunteer
– Ece Aksoy

Together we can transform communities  and save lives !