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Ini Usanga

Welcome to our family

Love and Care for People (LCP) in Irish “Grá Agus Curam do Dhaoine” is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation established in 2004. LCP raises awareness and educates about family violence, social exclusion, neglect, and hardship with a purpose to reduce and prevent it. LCP also supports the longterm unemployed to redevelop their confidence and use their skills to fulfil their goals and ambitions.
LCP endeavours to achieve these by offering a range of programmes and services including: capacity building projects, employment service initiatives, education, and training, skills acquisition, information, emotional and social support, language support, volunteering among other such actions to children, young people and women from different cultures and nationalities who are survivors, affected or at risk of abuse, poverty and other social exclusion so as to foster integration and their participation in society.
LCP plays a major role in supporting migrants particularly, Africans their descendants and ethnic minority communities in fostering social inclusion, overcoming hardship and promoting their integration in society.


We envision communities free from abuse, fear, discrimination and poverty.


LCP mission is to improve lives and promote safe, inclusive, equal, and thriving communities.

LCP’s mission is put into action through Six main programme areas: Healing, Support, Advocacy, Education, Integration and Recreational Activities. LCP achieves this by working with survivors, victims, community leaders, advocates, educators, lawmakers, migrants, ethnic minority communities and other grassroots organisations.

Our Founding Values and Concepts

Love and Care for People’s work is based on a number of key values that guide our projects worldwide:

  • Accountability
  •  Transparency
  •  Integrity
  •  Gratitude
  •  Respect
  •  Empathy
  •  Courage
  •  Hope