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Diversity Career, Job & Education Fair 2022

Diversity Career, Job & Education Fair 2022

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Diversity Career, Job & Education Fair 2022 is a LCP's initiate funded by European Union through Léargas under the European Year of the Youth 2022 and supported by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

Diversity Career, Job & Education Fair 2022 held at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow co. Cork on 30/12/2022 and 81 locals attended this program. In this a one-day-only open event where Cork-based employers, companies, recruiters, colleges, and organizations came together connect with young people of fewer opportunities including those of diverse and multilingual backgrounds who were job seekers and or a seeking career path guidance and those who are eager to give back and contribute to the Irish economy. As results 4 youths were hire: 1 at Costa Coffee Shop, 2 at Local Farmer Shop on Mallow main road, 1 with LCP. 11 are now volunteering with LCP part time.

This event brought together a cross-section of migrants and young people from diverse backgrounds with employers, companies, colleges, recruiters, and other organizations in other to gain employment, start a business and/or gain access education and training so as to reach their economic independence and promote their integration in Irish society. We had speakers across several disciplines: Doctors, YouTuber, Facebook analytic, LinkedIn Manager, College Lecturers, Educationists, Physiotherapeutic, NGO staff & Local Business owners etc...

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"Inspiring Young Minds"

Senthil Ramasamy
Immigration Officer
Senthil is an Indian B.A., B.L., Lawyer and Irish B.A., Law graduate, Immigrant Consultant, and Volunteering in various organisations.

He is Interested in Helping and Educating people, and in 2021 received Waterford PPN volunteer award  as Runners up.

Completed higher certificate and B.A., Law degree in Waterford Institute of Technology,  (SETU), Profecient in IT ,  Former joint police Committee member in Waterford, and  helping Asylum & Refugees and Immigrants in Waterford.

Ini Usanga
Ini is a Peace Commissioner, certified by the Department of Justice. She has been a member of Cork County PPN, and the board of the African Centres. 

She has supported over 500 young people of migrant heritage in Ireland, encouraging them to stay in school, further their education, and keep out of street/gang violence.

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International Youth Workers supports our work
Giovanni Paris
Youth Worker
Giorgia Mazzara
Youth Worker
Jerome Okeya
Marketing ESC Intern
Elvire Bognambe
Video/Communication Intern

International Youth Workers supports our work
Queen Ogumefu
Youth Worker
Noé Maillet
ESC Intern
Marvelous Amujo
Trinity Moodley

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"Enriching  Lives"
"I am so happy of being a Volunteer for LCP, Thank you so much for this opportunity"
ESC Volunteer
– Gulbahar Ok
"I am looking forward to participating in a Youth Work Training”
ESC Volunteer 
– Giorgia Mazzara
"This is a unique opportunity to develop my professional skills in an office environment”
ESC Volunteer
– Ece Aksoy

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