An unexpected grace

Where do I start from, what can I say? I am short of words but my heart is overwhelmed with joy. I am grateful  for being here now in this moment, to my source and creator, to me, and to the many wonderful people who believe in me and support and encourage me. I am blessed and I am humbled and an exceedingly joyful.

I feel it is a great and special privilege to be a part of somebody’s story of change and transformation (positively). The people’s whose life I have touched through my work and experiences  have been memorable to say the least- … there is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than that and  I am very thankful to be doing what I do. It is my passion and way of life.

I am a Family Violence Expert, Gender Based Violence Expert, Girl Child Activist, Trainer, Transformational and Inspirational speaker, a self-development coach, an entrepreneur, mentor, Critical Thinker, Idea Generator and philanthropist. I am  very privileged to be all these and more. But I have also survived things I wouldn’t even be able to imagine I survived.

I have been through very tough challenges in life but I am grateful I am still here standing stronger than ever. Now, I use my experience to support other children, young people and women who like me in the past feel ashamed of their ordeal and have given up hope and the joy of life.

I am determined to use my voice to advocate for the rights of other victims of abuse particularly family violence, and poverty. I want to see the protection of very young girls from sexual exploitation and harassment.

I want to leave a legacy and I want to contribute my share to our beautiful world. I have dedicated my time and resources to advocating for the rights and supporting victims, those at risk and survivors of family violence and poverty in Ireland and in some African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, DRC Congo.

Thankfully with the help of very supportive friends; I have raised funds to support children and women victims of family violence and donated several basic items like pads, education suppliers, body lotions, shower gels, tooth paste, food items, money, clothes to name a few to support very young girls, children, young people and women who experience family violence and poverty in Ireland and the aforementioned African countries.

I recently started a campaign against child marriage in Nigeria and have been joined by other child focused organisations like Inspire Kidz Club Ireland, Afro Euro Kidz and Family, Germany.

At the recently concluded Women4Africa Awards held in London on Saturday 21st May 2016; I was very honoured and I feel really humbled to have received with total humility a prestigious award recognizing my commitment, passion and determination in servicing and supporting victims of family violence and poverty and their communities. I am receipt of the Community Leader of the Year 2016. What an honour.

I am thankful to the people who nominated me, I am also thankful to  my  loyal team at “Love and care for People “who make our work really special and the organizers of the Women4Africa –  Sam and Tola Onigbanjo. It was a true honour to share the evening with legendary and mighty women.

Earlier in the year, I was winner of special recognition for my Contribution to Ending “Honour” Based Violence from a UK based charity “The Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation –IKWRO). I also received an Honoree award from Courage Global Frontier Ireland (Courage GF Ireland) for my contribution to humanity.

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