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After focused group discussions with young people in 2014, we developed a pilot programme in partnership with a skilled martial artist to equip young people and women with skills to protect themselves in an abusive or crisis situation. The training also provides an opportunity for networking and making new friends.

We have successfully trained 60 young people and women. One of the trainees in the programme said, “The workshop was empowering. It helped me rediscover myself, believe in myself and boosted my confidence. I feel I can protect myself from violence and sexual harassment. Every woman should learn or be trained in self-defense”. We hope to train more young people and women.


Through our six-month business training programme, survivors gain skills on how to set-up and run a business. They gain skills in cookery, fashion design, bread-making, bead making, make-up application, poultry-keeping, self-confidence, savings, investments and leadership skills. They are also taught the benefits of self-care.

As part of our training, women and young people gain skills in money management, budgeting, and the benefits of savings.

In 2014, we supported women with seed capital to establish a goat farm and poultry in Nigeria. We believe that when women are self-sufficient and empowered economically, they are better able to support their children, families, and communities. This programme teaches the benefits of active citizenship and presents opportunity to give back to the community.


Living an abusive home or relationship can sometimes be a very difficult decision for victims. Bagz of Hope is an outreach programme and a practical way to reach out to children, girls’, young people, and women living in abusive homes. It is also a way to reach out to victims who have become homeless or alcohol and drugs dependant as a coping strategy.

Common Items (as available): Tooth-paste and tooth-brush, Body Lotion, Mini shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, Hair brush, Pair of Socks, Tea, Wipes, Coffee, Towels, Mini Deodorants or body spray, Pyjamas, Slippers, Small Toys, Hair products, Sanitary Towels.

You too can support our Bagz of Hope project and donate small items


Our Very Young Billionaires is a business training programme for young people where they learn the concepts of creating a business and generating an income. Through this programmes are goal is to encourage and support young people to break the mindset that creates poverty and quitting, while building their self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Very Young Billionaires is a three-week course where young people learn about stocks, trading, and investing using a selection of research tools.


GRP! is a year-long mentorship programme for young girls aged 13 -17. The programme is focused on empowering young girls from abusive homes and disadvantaged families and communities with skills to build-up their confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills in order to develop a positive attitude to life.

The programme encourages young girls to: develop as creative critical thinkers; set goals for themselves and develop ways of achieving them, make informed choices in the midst of peer and societal pressure, overcome negative messages fed to them by the media and society about their identity, respect their dignity and self-worth, strengthen their capacity as decision makers, challenge them positively to become role models and become change makers in their communities and homes while building friendships and networks.

We use the arts, music, sporting activities, personal and health development programmes, fun filled activities, education and entrepreneurial programmes to achieve this. Through these activities, our girls develop skills that will last them a lifetime.


We understand that there are children and young people who because of some cultural and social factors are deprived of their most basic rights such as the right to have an education. Therefore, the purpose of this fund is to financially support the education and welfare of children living in homes experiencing financial difficulties. The fund also supports projects and programmes that make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people facing difficulties.

This fund has a mission to address the root causes of financial difficulties, educational disadvantage, and social exclusion experienced by children and young people.