Press Release 09 Dec 2020

Press Release 09 Dec 2020

Domestic violence against women and girls was a problem in urgent need of addressing, pre-pandemic. The global pandemic we are now experiencing has only worsened the issue.

Universal Summit on Women and Girls is an initiative of Love and Care for People to raise awareness about all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls. It was held 9 December 2020 at 7pm (Irish Time) virtually on Zoom to commemorate the United Nations International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This Zoom platform had 47 participants, including 14 Professionals in the field, Survivors, Politicians, Activists, Community Leaders, Educators, a Lecturer, a Business Owner, a Mental health professional, a Youth Advocate and Students, all passionate to gain insight and learn how to prevent and eliminate such atrocities happening globally.

The aim of the summit is to increase awareness of domestic and sexual violence, to bring about a change in long established societal behaviours, norms, and attitudes and to activate bystanders with the aim of decreasing and preventing this violence.

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