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At Love and Care for People, one of our focuses is to support the healing of survivors of family violence and empower to become healthy, and self-reliant.

We know for some, the effects of an abusive experience and the trauma that comes with it remain in the body, mind and spirit long after the experience itself. And for other, it is very difficult to come to terms with the idea that they have been abused. In my journey towards healing, I found it difficult to accept that I had been abused and was in denial for years. Also, I could not function properly as an individual. I could only really begin my journey towards healing after I accepted I was abused. This gave me the opportunity I needed to open up and face my fears…I know, it is not an easy experience to talk about an abusive experience…the shame, blame, pain, isolation, rejection, struggle with acceptance, fear, guilt and darkness are a very heavy burden to carry. But then, within all of this, I found within me, I have the courage and strength to help myself out of the darkness and into the light again. Thing is we all carry this inside of us. We just need to trust ourselves enough and give ourselves the time to heal.

Inspired by my journey and that of other ladies, we created Journey 2 Self Recovery, Personal Development Training Course, Sisters of Hope and super-bond to support survivors with their healing in the nurturing environment. This is not a first response to addressing an abusive or traumatic experience, however, it is a support towards healing the body, mind, and spirit long after the period of crisis is over. They involve techniques such as mindfulness, play, music, dance, and movements, arts, meditation among other to help develop the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual healing of the survivor.


Journey To Self Recovery

Journey to self-recovery (JTSR) is a support service for survivors of family violence. The programme was developed with the intention of supporting all survivors to recover from their ordeal, heal and move on with their lives.

JTSR is a six weeks of training on forgiving, letting go and moving on. The training provides a forum for friendship and helps individuals break their silence of abuse in a safe, confidential and comfortable environment. Individuals are able to gently begin their recovery process and share their stories if they are comfortable doing so. Participants in the programme offer support to one another.

Sisters Of Hope

Our Sisters of Hope programme was developed to help survivors of family violence. It is dedicated to equipping women and girls with tools necessary to make positive life choices after an abusive experience so they can lead their lives with a clear vision and a sense of purpose.

Sisters of Hope meet once a week in a welcoming and safe place. The programme provides unique workshops that aim to equip survivors with laws and policies about their rights to improve self-esteem, teach social and life skills, develop leadership and communication skills, demonstrate proper etiquette, and introduce the concept of self-value, moral values, and wellness. Where protective laws are absent, survivors are trained with advocacy skills so they can raise awareness about their issues and seek for a change in the law.

We engage the involvement of professionals from various fields such as personal care, career building, conflict resolution and empowerment who are passionate about making a difference and supporting women to move on after a period of crisis. Please be informed this is not a therapy or counseling session.

Women Survivor Retreat

The Annual Women’s Retreat is a weekend getaway designed for Women Survivors to support them in their journey towards healing, transformation, and moving on. It also focuses on life skills training, positive self-image, personal development, acceptance, forgiving, letting go as well as many other fun-filled activities.


The mother-daughter bond is unique and special, but can present challenges if not cared for. The purpose of our Super-Bond is to help rebuild the bond between a mother and her daughter after a period of crisis. Women could develop mental health difficulties, depression, emotional imbalance, and other health concerns from an abusive experience which could affect their relationship with their children.

We have lots of interactive activities that promote bonding between mothers and their daughters.

Mummys’ Survival Skills

This workshop series focuses on giving mothers who are survivors of abuse the tools needed to adequately lead and bond with their children and families after they have left an abusive home. Some topics we focus on are parenting and child development, effect of domestic violence on children and self, information on self care, budgeting, family fun among other topics.

Personal Development Training Course

Personal Development is about creating self-awareness, developing assertiveness and strengthening communication and inter-personal skills. Our training is designed to help survivors’ build/re-build their confidence, self-awareness and make that decision to follow their desire to having a better life.