GRP! is a year-long mentorship programme for young girls aged 13 -17. The programme is focused on empowering young girls from abusive homes and disadvantaged families and communities with skills to build-up their confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills in order to develop a positive attitude to life.

The programme encourages young girls to: develop as creative critical thinkers; set goals for themselves and develop ways of achieving them, make informed choices in the midst of peer and societal pressure, overcome negative messages fed to them by the media and society about their identity, respect their dignity and self-worth, strengthen their capacity as decision makers, challenge them positively to become role models and become change makers in their communities and homes while building friendships and networks.

We use the arts, music, sporting activities, personal and health development programmes, fun filled activities, education and entrepreneurial programmes to achieve this. Through these activities, our girls develop skills that will last them a lifetime.