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We organise seminars, workshops and talks to help raise awareness about family violence. We partner with agencies, cooperation’s and businesses to educate their staffs and members about family violence, its cause and impacts on lives and our communities.


For most…healing begins with talking. But talking about family violence is such a taboo topic because society has made it so. This we believe gives perpetrators the power to continue as abusers because they feed on the silence of victims.

If we talked more about family violence and if mainstream media were to talk more about it, putting the blame on the perpetrators where it should be, as supposed to blaming the victims, it’s possible that more survivors would come forward, and speak out. By this, more will be provided with the support and resources they need to help them heal and more on with their lives.

Love and Care for People conducts educational programmes in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to raise awareness about family violence and a hope of changing attitudes and perceptions about family violence. . We also provide public and community-wide educational programmes about the causes and impacts of family violence with an aim to reduce and prevent it. We provide workshops to raise awareness about real life experiences of victims and survivors of family violence.

We also mobilise and train volunteers in communities to make a difference in their communities through raising public awareness about family violence by working with key stakeholders in their communities and organising workshops, conferences and tailored training to support survivors.