Applegreen windfall at Christmas for local migrant charity

A North Cork based migrants’ charity will be able to mount a program  in the New Year aimed at raising the awareness of mental health and the need for positive thinking thanks to an innovative charitable scheme being run in a local Applegreen garage.

Under the Applegreen Blossom Fund, a partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation, the garage and forecourt chain donate 1 cent for every euro spent on their 193 sites across and this has resulted in a €2,000 donation to the Love and Care Charity in Mallow.  Love and Care for People provides support and vocational training to ethnic minorities.  Since its creation they have helped over 1,500 people in North Cork.  The presentation was made to the charity last Friday and Applegreen manager David Barrett said it was an indication of the nationwide’s chain dedication to ‘giving back locally’.

“We’re delighted to be able to do this,” he said, adding that Applegreen branches would be donating 2 cent of every Euro spent during December. The Love and Care charity representatives Tendal Manuel and Ini Usanga are planning a positive mental health course for younger migrants which they will hold next Easter.  “The grant we received from Applegreen is something to support us with our programme in April 2020,” said Tendal.

“‘My Health, My Wealth’ promotes positive thinking and raises awareness about mental health on the migrant population living in Munster. “The program will empower young people between the age of 5 to 16 years of age, on how to know about mental health and good coping strategies to speak with their parents as well.” “The culmination of the project will be a day in which the parents and young people will discuss mental health issues as well as engaging in games and other activities together.” A follow up project is scheduled for the Summer.

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