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Love and Care For People

Love and Care for People “LCP” is a non-profit registered charitable organisation based in Ireland. LCP is an integrated and holistic service which provides a safe and supportive environment where women and young people especially those living in hardship, socially excluded, victims of abuse and those with fewer opportunities can experience the joy, laughter and safety that should be a part of everyday life.


We envision communities free from abuse, fear, discrimination, and poverty.


Our mission in the world is quite simple but substantial: to improve lives and promote safe, inclusive, equal, and thriving communities.

LCP provides tools for self- sufficiency, opportunities to excel and resources to develop one’s full potential, rebuild lives, enhance economic conditions, and create one’s own future.

LCP operates a youth club (YouthsRule) which has proven programmes in developing the potential and self-worth of young people and students through a range of services and programmes including but not limited to: Entrepreneurship Training, Financial Education, Self Defence Programmes, Health and Wellness, Literacy Support, Arts and Drama, International Youth Exchange, Sport, Volunteering and Internships. Most importantly, fun is at the heart of our programmes. Our young people work with our staff and International partners to develop programmes that meets their needs. 

LCP supports women in accessing services available in the community, encourage women to make positive life and health choices, provide support for victims of abuse, and provide training programmes in Domestic Violence, one to one support and we deliver a variety of peer-led, educational programmes and training courses. 

Today, LCP organizes Job Fairs and Job interview training, orientation services to newcomers in Ireland and we host a weekly drop-in service for women from diverse backgrounds and cultures giving them an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and practice conversational English in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We host training sessions such as cookery skills, hairdressing, investment & saving, etc to help improve the quality of lives, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and self-worth of our beneficiaries.

LPC’s mission is put into action through Six main program areas: Education, Integration, Healing, Support, Advocacy, and Recreational Activities. LCP achieves this by working with our partners and stalk holders.

Here is where you come in: Together, we are making kindness and Joy contagious and making the world a happier, peaceful, fun, kind, and beautiful place.


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Dr. Ado Mazombe


Peguy Bakulu Mangidi

Chairperson/Director of LCP

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Nigeria LCP Director

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LCP Secretary

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Moloney LCP Advisor

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Web Developer – UN Volunteer

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Abdul Wajid

Web Developer – UN Volunteer

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Shireen Sanders

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